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Aquilla Daniels is an exceptionally creative thinker and storyteller.  She attained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business from the University of Phoenix and studied Child development.  With the combination of education along with years of experience working with children and teenagers.  These avenues have led her down the path to becoming a newly published author of fictional and non-fictional children's books. 

Aquilla is passionate about children's literature and believes that reading is a fun way to get young people involved in caring about themselves, others and the world.  Her goal as an author is to published as many books as she can.  

Aquilla is a native of New Jersey where she resides and enjoys spending time with family.

"If you can think it, you can ink it."

Have you ever looked at an earthworm and said, "Ewww?"
But what do you really know about earthworms?
If you have ever wondered:
What do earthworms eat?
Are earthworms slimy?
Can earthworms hear?
Well, meet Squirm, the friendly earthworm and he has all the answers.  Come spend the day with Squirm as he tells you about his life and the important work he does to keep our planet healthy.


Little Timmy   2016

Book is being re-published 2020


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