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Reading Level 6+

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Newly Version of Little Timmy will be available December 10th, 2020

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Meet a little boy name Jay he is excited to become a pet owner of a group of colorful fish.  He affectionately names one of them “Little Timmy.”  Little Timmy swims around the fish tank with his fish buddies.  Their favorite place to have fun is at the playground.  It is a cool hang out until…another fish that is bigger, faster, stronger bullies them all around the playground.  


Just when the fish bully thinks he has scared away the fish, Little Timmy, who is SMALL but COURAGEOUS, gets his fins into action to show this big fish that he is the real GIANT after all!

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Have you ever looked at an earthworm and said, "Eww?"


But what do you know about earthworms?


Well, meet Squirm, the friendly earthworm and he has all the answers. Come spend the day with Squirm as he tells you about his life and the important work he does to keep our planet healthy.

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Closet Mystery black & safety green colo

What is the Mystery behind the Closet Door in the attic?   Is it a toy that has special powers?   Will the children explore it or be too scared to try to figure it out?


Take a journey with Brandon and Jordan on the day of Brandon's big birthday bash.  As the day winds down both boys play a video game and their favorite game hide-and-seek which changes their lives forever after discovering what is in the attic.